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SAP BW Data Retrieval : Mastering the ETL Process

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Title: SAP BW Data Retrieval : Mastering the ETL Process
Author: Jean-Marie Fiechter, Norbert Egger, Ralf-Patrick Sawicki, Robert Salzmann, Thomas Thielen
ISBN: 1592290442 / 9781592290444
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 552
Publisher: SAP Press
Year: 2006
Availability: Out of Stock
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This book describes how to prepare, perform and optimize data retrieval processes in SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW). Readers get a detailed introduction to the basics of data presentation and practical, step-by-step techniques to greatly improve essential data retrieval methods and skills.

The first part of the book gives readers a detailed look at the most important concepts related to extraction, transformation and loading (ETL), as well as a comprehensive overview of all SAP BW functions. Then, discover exclusive insights on all the relevant techniques for data extraction. A sample scenario illustrates the practical application of these techniques. The chapters that follow guide you systematically through best practices for working with master and transaction data, teaching you how to successfully master the complete ETL process. In addition, valuable advice shows you how to make the most of SAP Business Content.

The appendices also provide additional help and include a comprehensive SAP BW glossary. Up to date for SAP BW 3.5.

Detailed ETL Concepts and Implementation within SAP BW
Extractors: Overview of available Techniques - Homogenization of Data, Data Extraction from Heterogeneous Systems, Extraction Mechanisms in SAP BW and much more
ETL Process: Master Data - Data Targets, Update Types and Rules, DataSources, InfoPackages
ETL Process: Transaction Data - SAP Business Content DataSources, InfoSources, Transfer and Update Rule
SAP Business Content - Elements and Areas of Use
Comprehensive Appendix - Includes BW Glossary, Transaction Codes, Metadata Tables, Index and much more

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