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SAP BW Data Modeling

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Title: SAP BW Data Modeling
Author: Jean-Marie Fiechter, Jens Rohlf, Norbert Egger
ISBN: 1592290434 / 9781592290437
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 425
Publisher: SAP Press
Year: 2005
Availability: Out of Stock
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This book provides an essential foundation for successful data storage with SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW). You’ll benefit from step-by-step advice and instruction on all the most critical aspects of data modeling, beginning with the concept of data warehousing and the architecture of SAP BW.

Learn how to set up data modeling and manage master data and transactional data efficiently. A highly detailed sample scenario is used to clarify this complex procedure. The three fundamental topics - InfoObjects, InfoProviders, and SAP Business Content - are introduced consecutively and illustrated in detail with practical examples. The book describes all of their options, special characteristics, and key interdependencies. Finally, the robust appendices serve to provide you with additional help, and come complete with a comprehensive SAP BW glossary. All information provided is current for SAP BW 3.5, but remains highly valuable to users of previous releases.

Overview of Components
Data Warehousing Concepts: DWH Architecture, OLAP Designs, Multidimensional Data Records, Star Schema, and more
Introduction to Data Modeling
SAP BW InfoObjects: InfoAreas, InfoObjectCatalogs, SAP Business Content InfoObjects, Creating Your Own InfoObjects, and much more
SAP BW InfoProviders: InfoCubes, ODS Objects, InfoObjects, MultiProviders, and much more
SAP Business Content: Elements, Use, Problems, and Recommended Solutions
Detailed Sample Scenarios
Appendices: SAP BW Glossary, Transaction Codes, Metadata Tables, Sample Models, Data Models, and much more

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