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Robust and H* Control

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Title: Robust and H* Control
Author: Ben M., Chen
ISBN: 1852332557 / 9781852332556
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 458
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 2000
Availability: Out of Stock
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H* control theory deals with the minimization of the H?-norm of the transfer matrix from an exogenous disturbance to a pertinent controlled output of a given plant. Robust and H? Control examines both the theoretical and practical aspects of H? control from the angle of the structural properties of linear systems.Constructive algorithms are provided for finding solutions to: General singular H? control problems; General H? almost disturbance decoupling problems; Robust and perfect tracking problems.Theories are also applied to real-life problems with actual implementations. This book can be used for graduate courses in departments of aeronautics and astronautics, applied mathematics, chemical engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. It should also be of great value to engineers practising in industry.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Linear System Tools
Chapter 3 : Structural Mappings of Bilinear Transformations
Chapter 4 : Existence Conditions of H, Suboptimal Controllers
Chapter 5 : Solutions of Discrete-Time Riccati Equations
Chapter 6 : Infima in Continuous-Time H, Optimization
Chapter 7 : Solutions to Continuous-Time H, Problem
Chapter 8 : Continuous-Time H, Almost Disturbance Decoupling
Chapter 9 : Robust and Perfect Tracking of Continuous-Time Systems
Chapter 10 : Infima in Discrete-Time H, Optimization
Chapter 11 : Solutions to Discrete-Time H, Problem
Chapter 12 : Discrete-Time H, Almost Disturbance Decoupling
Chapter 13 : Robust and Perfect Tracking of Discrete-Time Systems
Chapter 14 : Design of a Hard Disk Drive Servo System
Chapter 15 : Design of a Piezoelectric Actuator System
Chapter 16 : Design of a Gyro-stabilized Mirror Targeting System


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