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Risk Management Using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

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Title: Risk Management Using Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
Author: D.H. Stamatis
ISBN: 0873899784 / 9780873899789
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 118
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2019
Availability: Out of Stock
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Risk is everywhere. It does not matter where we are or what we do. It affects us on a personal level, but it also affects us in our world of commerce and our business.

This indispensable summary guide is for everyone who wants some fast information regarding failures and how to deal with them.

It explores the evaluation process of risk by utilizing one of the core methodologies available: failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA). The intent is to make the concepts easy to understand and explain why FMEA is used in many industries with positive results to either eliminate or mitigate risk.

List of Figures and Tables

Chapter 1 : Risk
Chapter 2 : Reliability and FMEA
Chapter 3 : Prerequistes of FMEA
Chapter 4 : What is an FMEA?
Chapter 5 : Robustness
Chapter 6 : The FMEA Form and Rankings
Chapter 7 : Types of FMEA
Chapter 8 : The Common Types of FMEAs
Chapter 9 : Health FMEA
Chapter 10 : Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
Chapter 11 : Control Plans
Chapter 12 : Linkages
Chapter 13 : Tools
Chapter 14 : Troubleshooting an FMEA
Chapter 15 : Typical Concerns when Conducting an FMEA
Chapter 16 : FMEAs Used in Selected Specific Industries
Chapter 17 : Warranty, Six Sigma, Lean, and FMEA

Selected Bibliography

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