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Risk Analysis, Dam Safety, Dam Security and Critical Infrastructure Management

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Title: Risk Analysis, Dam Safety, Dam Security and Critical Infrastructure Management
Author: Enrique Matheu, Ignacio Escuder-Bueno, Jesica T. Castillo-Rodrguez, Luis Altarejos-Garcia
ISBN: 0415620783 / 9780415620789
Format: Hard Cover + CD Rom
Pages: 414
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2012
Availability: In Stock
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As there has been a continued increase in the demand for higher levels of safety, security and reliability for all critical infrastructures, the design, construction, and operation of dams should be integrated as part of a comprehensive risk management framework that can effectively address natural and manmade hazards. As an effect, in recent years integrated management strategies have become more and more important, and as such, their related implementation efforts should include aspects such as sustainability, resilience, and public participation.

Risk Analysis, Dam Safety, Dam Security, and Critical Infrastructure Management offers the state of the art on risk analysis, representing a primary tool for achieving effective management of critical infrastructures along with a suitable framework for the development of risk management models regarding natural, technological and human-induced hazards. The book is divided in four parts :

Critical Infrastructure Management, focusing on efficient, equitable, and sustainable management of critical infrastructures;

Risk Analysis, focusing on recent developments regarding risk management models for natural, technological and human-induced hazards;

Dam Safety, focusing on recent developments regarding dam safety, and

Dam Security, focusing on aspects regarding dam security and vulnerabilities to human-induced threats.

This book is essential reading for graduate students and researchers interested in risk analysis as applied to all type of critical infrastructures, and for designers, engineers, owners and operators of critical infrastructures in general and dams in particular.


Session 1 : Critical infrastructure management
Session 2 : Risk analysis
Session 3 : Dam safety
Session 4 : Dam security

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