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Quality, Safety, and Environment: Synergy in the 21st Century

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Title: Quality, Safety, and Environment: Synergy in the 21st Century
Author: Pascal Dennis
ISBN: 0873893794 / 9780873893794
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 213
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1997
Availability: Out of Stock
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For the first time, an author has demonstrated that safety and environment are influential factors within the quality arena. Pascal Dennis explains how applying quality management principles to safety and environmental issues can result in growth for an organization where safety and environment endeavors are concerned. This is the only book demonstrating that problems stemming from quality, safety and environment share the same root cause and respond to the identical remedies offered by a modern quality management system.

Extremely well-written, Quality, Safety, and Environment: Synergy in the 21st Century includes chapters focusing on the histroy of the quality revolution, behavior-based safety, and the vital issues facing today's safety manager. The goals, methods, and principles of total safety and environmental management are introduced as well as statistical process control and other quality tools made applicable to safety and environmental situations.


Chapter 1. : Introduction
Chapter 2. : Profile of a Problem Company
Chapter 3. : The Quality Revolution
Chapter 4. : The Crisis in Safety Management
Chapter 5. : Environmentalism-The First Wave Runs Out of Gas
Chapter 6. : Systems
Chapter 7. : Total Safety and Environmental Management
Chapter 8. : Behavior Observation-The Key to Upstream Measurement in Safety
Chapter 9. : Measurement of Safety Performance
Chapter 10. : Measurement of Environmental Performance
Chapter 11. : The Total Safety and Environmental Management Systems
Chapter 12. : Dimensions of Synergy


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