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Quality Management in Construction Projects, 2nd Edition

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Title: Quality Management in Construction Projects, 2nd Edition
Author: Abdul Razzak Rumane
ISBN: 1498781675 / 9781498781671
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 538
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2017
Availability: 15-30 days
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The first edition published in 2010. The response was encouraging and many people appreciated a book that was dedicated to quality management in construction projects. Since it published, ISO 9000: 2008 has been revised and ISO 9000: 2015 has published. The new edition will focus on risk-based thinking which must be considered from the beginning and throughout the project life cycle. There are quality-related topics such as Customer Relationship, Supplier Management, Risk Management, Quality Audits, Tools for Construction Projects, and Quality Management that were not covered in the first edition. Furthermore, some figures and tables needed to be updated to make the book more comprehensive.

  • Focuses on quality during the design and construction process
  • Ties in the quality tools and use of quality principles to help control construction
  • Offers a wide range of tools and techniques to address quality management in the construction industry
  • Includes new information on customer relationship, supplier management, risk management, quality audits, tools for construction projects, and quality management
  • Updates ISO 9000:2008 and ISO 9000: 2015


Chapter 1 :
Overview of Quality
Chapter 2 : Quality Management System
Chapter 3 : Construction Projects
Chapter 4 : Quality in Construction Projects
Chapter 5 : Operation and Maintenance
Chapter 6 : Facility Management
Chapter 7 : Assessment of Quality

Appendix A : Design Review Checklists
Appendix B : Major Activities during the Construction Process in Building Construction Project
Appendix C : Content of Contractor’s Quality Control Plan

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