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Quality Management for Zero Defect and Zero Effect : A Compendium of Case Studies and Best Practices

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Title: Quality Management for Zero Defect and Zero Effect : A Compendium of Case Studies and Best Practices
Author: Himanshu M. Trivedi, Rajesh K. Jain
ISBN: 8193021606 / 9788193021606
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 382
Publisher: ASQ South Asia
Year: 2018
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The book contain 43 chapters. It has included many case studies wherein organizations are striving for zero defect with minimal or no effect on environment. The book is not supposed to be read in a single sitting, or sequentially only but any chapter depending on the need and interest could be read independently. This is because the chapters are all independent, and sections are just to add to the better organization and easy access. This book is neither a prescription nor an endorsement of any particular methodology discussed in the chapters but just the narration of the journey a few individuals in organizations have undertaken to better tackle the challenges they were facing.

Salient Features of the book include the following:

  • First ever book on Quality Management Practices contributing to our Prime Minister’s vision of Make in India with Zero Defect and Zero Effect
  • Unique chapter on implementation of various Quality Management Practices in Manufacturing, Service, Healthcare, Education and more
  • Case studies from authors representing Industry Practitioners, Researchers, Consultants, and Top Management from Industry
  • Multi directional view to implement the varied quality concepts in different sectors

Section I : Manufacturing
Chapter 1 :
Excellence in Quality Through Total Employee Involvement
                     Ramesh Rajgopal
Chapter 2 : Optimization of Production Layout at ABB Limited, Vadodara
                      Ebenezer Nathaniel
Chapter 3 : Project on Catalyst System Development to Achieve Product Quality
                     Pravin Makwana & NagaRaju Manepalli
Chapter 4 : Reduction of RTD Failure in Stator Core Winding Case Study of ABB Limited, Vadodara
                     Jagdish Shankar
Chapter 5 : Essar Steel Journey Towards Excellence
                     GVR Sekhar & Arun Arumugam A
Chapter 6 : Business Excellence Through Establishing QMS as Foundation in Sales/Marketing and Manufacturing Divisions of Crompton Greaves Organization
                      Gururaj Kulkarni
Chapter 7 : Quality Management System Adopted by Welspun Corp. Ltd.
                      T. S. Kathayat & S. Satyanarayana
Chapter 8 : Capacity Utilization Improvement in Wire Drawing Process Case Study of KEC International Ltd. Vadodara
                      Shruti Jha, Kumar Pallav & Ashish Dorle
Chapter 9 : Liquid Metal Embrittlement & Copper Contamination Cracking During Welding & Solution Annealing of Stainless Steel Tubes
                      Chetan Shah & M. S. Randhawa
Chapter 10 : Value Engineering on Rework Reduction in Shipbuilding Project
                        Tushar N. Desai & S. R. Prajapati
Chapter 11 : Cooling Water Leakage in Submerged Electric Resistance Furnace
                       M Paranidaran, Shirish Kapadia, Baiju Joshi, Nandhan & Umapathy
Chapter 12 : Implementation of 5S Case Study
                       Digant J. Bhatt
Chapter 13 : Taste of Zero ppm, Journey Towards Zero Defect Through Implementation of Effective Problem Solving System – A Case Study
                        Himanshu Trivedi, Nitin Patil & Vineet Mandaliya
Chapter 14 : Quality Improvement Project Quality in ETO
                        Gaurang Mehta & Johnson P. R.
Chapter 15 : Supply Development Process Improvement
                        Sanjaykumar Patoliya & Jacques Duval
Chapter 16 : Quality Improvement for Organizational Excellence
                        Gururaj Kulkarni
Chapter 17 : Integration of PDCA Cycle Across The Business Functions
                       Himanshu Bhatt, S Sivakumar, Anand Mistry & S R Ramanujam
Chapter 18 : Enhancement of Electrode Life in Submerged Electric Resistance Electric Furnaces
                        Nivi Kansal & Sathishkumar
Chapter 19 : Blownfibrisation – Yield Improvement
                        Sathish Kumar & Umapathy R.
Chapter 20 : Performing FMEA for Achieving Good Results
                        T. S. Kathayat
Chapter 21 : Lean Operations at Account Payable (AP) Process to Achieve Paperless Office
                       Kanai Bandyopadhyay & Pralhad Mhatreare
Chapter 22 : Designing Buying Process for Small Items
                        Anil Singh Sanger
Chapter 23 : Cost Reduction in Magna Toggle 150 Gates & Guarding Through Value Engineering
                        Atul Bhansali & Kaushik Bhuva
Chapter 24 : Quality and Productivity Improvement in Small Scale Industry
                        Hemangi Patel, Ashish M. Gohil, Sanjay Desai & T. N. Desai
Chapter 25 : Quality Excellence through Daily Work Management & Management Reviews
                        Sapan Kumar Bardhan

Section II : Services
Chapter 26 :
Implementing Responsible Production Framework in Chemical Industry – SECURE Gujarat Project
                       Vinit Kumar Mishra
Chapter 27 : Improving Quality Training for Primary Users in ITES Industry – Using Common Application and Social Media
                       Sougato Chattopadhyay
Chapter 28 : Quality Management System for Politics and Bureaucracy
                        Bhavin Vora
Chapter 29 : 5S Implementation in Government Health Centres
                       Abhimanyu Samrat & Rajesh K. Jain

Section III : Healthcare
Chapter 30 :
Use of Six Sigma Methodology to Reduce Time for Inpatient Admission in A Tertiary Care Hospital – A Case Study
                        Farah Deeba
Chapter 31 : Biomedical Waste Management : Apollo Way Stepping Towards Quality Improvement & Safety
                        Sanjay Dalssaniya
Chapter 32 : Exploring A Horizon Beyond Clinical Care
                        Mahesh Patel
Chapter 33 : Improving Safety of Patients Through Healthcare Risk Management
                       Sanjay Dalsaniya
Chapter 34 : 5S in Healthcare–Process Excellence & Cost Optimization– A Case Study from Apollo Hospitals
                       Mahesh Patel & Poonam Shukla

Section IV : Education
Chapter 35 :
Data Handling in Primary Education—Case study of Anand Niketen School
                        Sonal Narang
Chapter 36 : Quality in Primary Education
                        Nayanaben Patel
Chapter 37 : Prayas
                        Vishal Khandelwal, Venkatavaradan Sunderarajan & Dr. Manu Vora

Section V : Others
Chapter 38 :
Demystifying Quality
                        Rajesh K. Jain
Chapter 39 : Creating Quality Culture in Organization
                        Ramesh P. R. & Krishnamurthy M.
Chapter 40 : TQM; TPM; LEAN; SIXSIGMA : What is The Right Strategy for My Organization’s Business Excellence Journey?
                        Ramesh P. R.
Chapter 41 : DMAIC– The Way To Six-Sigma Implementation–A Case Study
                        N. N. Garvalia
Chapter 42 : Beware of Copy and Paste While You Create a Road Map for Organizational Excellence
                       Nital Zaveri
Chapter 43 : Managing Business Risk through Information Security & Business Continuity Management System for Manufacturing Sector
                        Bhavin Vora

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