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Quality-I Is Safety-ll : The Integration of Two Management Systems

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Title: Quality-I Is Safety-ll : The Integration of Two Management Systems
Author: Sasho Andonov
ISBN: 1498786073 / 9781498786072
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 208
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
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This book deals with the present and future situation with Quality and Safety management Systems (QMS and SMS). It presents new ideas, points to the basic misunderstandings in the two management systems, and covers a wide range of industries, as well as providing a practical assessment of scientific theory. It explains the fundamental misunderstanding of what Quality and Safety is from a practical point of view and how to improve them by integrating the two systems from the perspective that Quality-I is Safety-II.

  • Deals with a neglected area of QMS and SMS
  • Presents new ideas as far as integrating the two management systems
  • Addresses the basic misunderstandings in QMS and SMS
  • Covers a wide area of industries
  • Offers a practical assessment of scientific theory


Chapter 1 : Abbreviations and Acronyms
Chapter 2 : System
Chapter 3 : Quality-I
Chapter 4 : Safety-I
Chapter 5 : Natural Connection Between Quality and Safety
Chapter 6 : Safety-II
Chapter 7 : Real Life of Companies
Chapter 8 : Safety-II and Resilience Engineering
Chapter 9 :
Future of QMS and SMS
Chapter 10 : Integrated Standard for QMS and SMS
Chapter 11 : Final Considerations


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