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Quality Handbook for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Community

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Title: Quality Handbook for the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Community
Author: Rober D. Hart
ISBN: 0074631616 / 9780074631614
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 530
Publisher: TMH
Year: 1996
Availability: Out of Stock
  • Contents

Foreword by Jobn Jackson

Chapter 1. : How to Use This Text
Chapter 2. : Fundamental Quality Ideas in This Industrial Process
Chapter 3. : Quality Policies and Innovation in the A/E&C Community
Chapter 4. : Quality Criteria in Relation to Cost and Schedule
Chapter 5. : Quality in Relation to Industry Codes and Standards
Chapter 6. : Quality System Elements I: Leadership, Organization, and Responsibility
Chapter 7. : Quality System Elements II: Programs, Procedures, and Strategic Plans
Chapter 8. : Quality System Elements III: Assuring External Quality Requirements, Customer Focus, and Satisfaction
Chapter 9. : Quality System Elements IV: Managing Process Quality
Chapter 10. : Quality System Elements V: Motivational and Human Resource Management
Chapter 11. : Quality System Elements VI : Quality Results and Statistical Methods
Chapter 12. : Quality Supporting Strongly Regulated Industries
Chapter 13. : Supporting the Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry
Chapter 14. : Supporting Other Industrial and Process Businesses
Chapter 15. : Supporting the Transportation Industry
Chapter 16. : Supporting Medium-Sized Construction Projects
Chapter 17. : Supporting Light and Residential Construction Projects
Chapter 18. : Quality Systems on Hard-Money or Fixed-Price Contracts
Chapter 19. : Quality Systems on Cost-Plus Contracts

Appendix A : Standard Quality-Related Definitions for the A/E&C Community
Appendix B : Nonconformance and Corrective Action Procedures
Appendix C : Management Audit of a Main A/E Office
Appendix D : An Example of a Regulated Research and Development Quality Technology A/E&C Project
Appendix E : Selective Standard Procedure: Project Organization for Medium and Light Construction
Appendix F : Selective Standard Procedure: Quality of Earthwork and Other Geotechnical Activities for Medium and Light construction
Appendix G : Selective Standard Procedure: Quality of Bituminous and Portland-Cement Concrete Pavements
Appendix H : Selective Standard Procedure: Quality of Structural, Architectural, and Finish Construction
Appendix I : Sample Contracts Controlling Quality for Light and Residential Construction Projects

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