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QFD Books

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Advanced QFD Applications

Author: K. C. and Goh, M and Tan, T. N., Xie
ISBN: 087389586X / 9780873895866
Year: 2003
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This book focuses on the collection, interpretation, and analysis of the voice of the customers (VOC) and serves as an excellent reference or textbook for learning how to apply QFD. Following this uni...
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QFD: The Customer Driven Approach to Quality Planning and Deployment

Author: Shigeru Mizuno and Yoji Akao
ISBN: 9283311221 / 9789283311225
Year: 1994
Availability: Out of Stock
Today's customers demand products that exhibit the highest performance, the greatest value, and the best safety record. This highly informative book shows how to build quality into a product by plac...
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Quality Function Deployment : Integrating Customer Requirements into Product Design

Author: Yoji Akao
ISBN: 1563273136 / 9781563273131
Year: 2012
Availability: In Stock
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a method for satisfying customers by translating their demands into design targets and quality assurance points. For a thorough "how-to" on the implementation of...
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Cedac: A Tool for Continuous Systematic Improvement

Author: Ryuji Fukuda
ISBN: 1563271400 / 9781563271403
Year: 1996
Availability: 15-30 days
When you're trying to improve quality and productivity, it's essential to target the right problems, get the right people involved in solving them, and make sure the solutions work. CEDAC will help ...
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