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Project Management for Building Designers and Owners, Second Edition

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Title: Project Management for Building Designers and Owners, Second Edition
Author: Howard G Birnberg
ISBN: 0849312655 / 9780849312656
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 256
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1998
Availability: 15-30 days
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Newly refocused toward designers and owners/clients
Computer use by project managers for project status
Extended coverage of team management
Discussion of PM mentoring as well as the role of marketing and continued contact
Expanded bibliography and resources section, including a list of 43,000 designers, owners, and contractors

Project Management for Building Designers and Owners presents the concepts, tools, and ideas to help design firms and owner/client project managers to better communicate and perform their jobs.
Topics include:
o Streamlining the complexity and costs of current building design and construction
o Integrating the often-fragmented nature of the team in designing and constructing buildings
o Assessing the reengineering trend of reducing in-house facilities and staff in planning, coordinating, and managing a project
o Outsourcing responsibilities to traditional engineering, architectural, and facilities firms as well as program and project management firms
o Comparing traditional design firms and specialty firms - in terms of finding and keeping capable staffs, project scope management, fee and time pressures, and a myriad of other issues
o Communicating effectively within this highly fragmented, specialized, and complex arena
This edition comprehensively outlines the fundamental means to effectively manage and control a project's scope, schedule, and budget.

List of Exhibits
List of Tables
Organizing for Project Management
The Need for Project Management
Project Delivery Organization
The Project Manager
Who Is a Project Manager?
What Does a Project Manager Do?
Caring for Your Project Managers
Training Project Managers
Planning the Project
The Firm's Profit Plan
Owner/Client Concerns
Scope Determination
The Project Budget
Project Scheduling
Managing the Project
Project Status Reporting
Team/Client Management
Contract Management
Project Cost Control
Quality Management
Using the Computer
Non-Computerized Production Techniques
Time Management
Project Closeout
Project Delivery Methods
Value Engineering
ISO 9000
Selected Use of Computer Software

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