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Progress in Ion Exchange: Advances and Applications, Proceedings

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Title: Progress in Ion Exchange: Advances and Applications, Proceedings
Author: A. Dyer, M.J. Hudson and P.A. Williams
ISBN: 0854047913 / 9780854047918
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 510
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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This volume is a record of a conference, which was the fourth in a series held at NWEI, in Wrexham. It brought together scientists with interests in the broadly based subject of ion exchange, with the aim to cover aspects of its application as well as advances in the theory of ion exchange.


Chapter 1 : Polymer Resins - Synthesis and Structure
Chapter 2 : Ion Exchange Routes to Novel Nanocomposite materials
Chapter 3 : Synthesis of layered Titanium (IV) Phosphates and Phosphonates by Direct Precipitation from Titanium (III) Solutions
Chapter 4 : The removal and Solidification of Iodide Ion using a new Inorganic Anion Exchanger
Chapter 5 : The Utilisation of Hydrothermal Altered Power Plant Ashes in the Ion Exchange Processes
Chapter 6 : Polyelectrolyte Complexes Between a Weak Polyanion and a Strong Polycation with Cationic Groups in the Main Chain
Chapter 7 : Counterion Binding on Cationic Polyeclectrolytes with Cationic Groups in the Main Chain
Chapter 8 : An Unconventional Synthesis of Strongly Basic Anion Exchangers
Chapter 9 : Amphoteric Polyelectrolytes with Carboxybetainic Groups
Chapter 10 : Anionic Ion Exchangers as Phase Transfer Catalysts in Alkylation Reactions
Chapter 11 : Reagentless Separation of Electrolyte Mixtures using Ion Exchange Resins
Chapter 12 : Analytical Selectivity of Membrane Electrode Based on Salicylaldoxime Formaldehyde Resin
Chapter 13 : Ion Chromatography and Capillary Electrophoresis for the Determination of Inorganic Anions - Current Status and Relative Merits
Chapter 14 : Ions in Ink Jet Dyes by Capillary Electrophoresis and Ion Chromatography
Chapter 15 : The Determination of Tetraphenyl Phosphonium in the EARP MAC Permeate Stream by Ion Chromatography
Chapter 16 : Separating the Sample from the Matrix. An Insight into New Column Design: A Review of Cation Exchange Columns 1975 to present
Chapter 17 : Ionization Control of Metal-Chelate Separation in Ion Chromatography
Chapter 18 : Water-Eluent Based Ion Chromatography on Silica Bonded Molecular Baskets
Chapter 19 : Potential Uses of Capillary Ion Electrophoresis in the Nuclear Power Industry
Chapter 20 : Improved Separation and Detection of Inorganic Ions by Capillary Electrophoresis
Chapter 21 : Decontamination of Arsenic-Containing Aqueous Solutions Using Inorganic Solvents. Investigation of the Arsenic Species in Solution by Means of Capillary Electrophoresis
Chapter 22 : Applications of Non-Functional Macroreticular Resins
Chapter 23 : Desalination of Specific Immunoglobulins by Microporous Neosepta Membranes: Role of Ionogenic Groups
Chapter 24 : Chromatographic Strategy in Bioproduct Purification
Chapter 25 : Iodinated Resin and Its Use in Water Disinfection
Chapter 26 : Removal of Metals from Dilute Aqueous Solutions by Biosorbents
Chapter 27 : Ion Exchange - Future Challenges/Opportunities in Environmental Clean-Up
Chapter 28 : Uptake of Radioisotopes onto Cerium Phosphate
Chapter 29 : Utilization of Hydrous Crystalline Silico-Titanates (CSTSs) for Removing Cs from Nuclear Aqueous Waste
Chapter 30 : The Determination of Curium - 242, 243 and 244 in Process Waste Streams using Extraction Chromatography
Chapter 31 : Fixation of Radioactive Caesium on Copper Hexacyanoferrates
Chapter 32 : Isolation of Caesium from Fission Product Waste Solution on a New Granular Inorganic Exchanger - Titanium Phosphate-Ammonium Phosphomolybdate (TIP-AMP)
Chapter 33 : Preparative Separation of Caesium and Rubidium from Alkali Metal Mixtures using Phenol-Formadehyde Ion Exchange Resins
Chapter 34 : The Role of Temperature in Ion Exchange Process of Separation and Purification
Chapter 35 : Equilibrium Studies of the Application of Polymeric Resins Aggregated with Calcium Alginate
Chapter 36 : Oxidative Regeneration of Sulphonic Resins for the Prevention of Chromium (III) Accumulation
Chapter 37 : Adsorption of Phenolic Compounds from Multicomponent Solutions onto Polymeric Resins
Chapter 38 : Application of Microanalytical Techniques to Ion Exchange Processes of Heavy Metals Involving Chelating Resins
Chapter 39 : Reagentless Concentration of Copper from Acidic Mine Waters by the Dual-Temperature Ion Exchange Technique
Chapter 40 : Treatment of Silver-bearing Waste-Waters using Ion Exchange Celluloses
Chapter 41 : STDS Study of some Commercial Anion Exchange Resins
Chapter 42 : Separation of Chromium with a Fibrous Ion Exchanger
Chapter 43 : Adsorption-Elution Behaviours of Lightly Crosslinked Porous Amidoxime Resins for Uranium Recovery from Seawater

Chapter 44 : Selective Ion Exchange Separation Processes without Reagent Regeneration
Chapter 45 : Ion Exchange in Zeolites: Detergency and Catalytic Systems
Chapter 46 : Anion Exchange in Cooper Hydroxy Double Salts
Chapter 47 : The Extraction of the Hexamminecobalt(III) Cation by Kanemite : Enhanced Extraction in the Presence of a Cationic Surfactant
Chapter 48 : Uptake of Rh(III) by r-Zirconium Phosphate and its Intercalation Compounds with Heterocyclic Bases
Chapter 49 : Application of NMR for Interpretation of Ion Exchange Selectives
Chapter 50 : Harmonisation of Ion Exchange Formulations and Nomenclature: What can be done?
Chapter 51 : The Significance of the Term Ideal in the Thermodynamics of Electrolyte Solutions and Ion Exchangers
Chapter 52 : The Natural Convection in the Dynamics of Ion Exchange and Sorption from Solutions
Chapter 53 : Simulation of Multi-component Ion Exchange Dynamics in the Case of Dissimilar Diffusivities
Chapter 54 : Non-Ion Exchangeable Interaction of Electrolytes and Ion Exchange Resins
Chapter 55 : Influence of the Nature of the Co-Ion on the Equilibrium Distribution of Electrolytes Between the Solution and Ion Exchanger
Chapter 56 : Multi-component Counter-Current Ion Exchange Chromatography

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