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Programmable Logic Controllers

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Title: Programmable Logic Controllers
Author: Su-Chen Jonathon Lin
ISBN: 0831135077 / 9780831135072
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 550
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 2016
Availability: In Stock
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This book has been written for the undergraduate Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) course. It effectively introduces the student to a broad range of knowledge and skills essential to using PLCs in implementing control schemes in a variety of industries. The text is comprehensive in that it covers control logic design, PLC hardware and software, PLC instructions, and PLC programming.

  • This highly useful text includes valuable information for students, as well as practitioners, from important basics to advanced PLC programming instructions.
  • It is designed for flexible use, so readers can easily choose their desired depth of coverage.
  • The first five chapters focus on the electrical control fundamentals, number systems, logic basics, Boolean algebra, and simplifying logic circuits.
  • Chapters 6 and 7 introduce two methods of designing PLC control logics and circuits that often are absent in other PLC texts.
  • The next three chapters cover PLC memory, file structure, discrete input and output modules, and analog input and output modules.
  • Exercises, study questions, and numerous illustrations throughout reinforce key concepts.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
Chapter 2 : Electrical Control Fundamentals
Chapter 3 : Number Systems and Codes
Chapter 4 : Logic Basics and Boolean Algebra
Chapter 5 : Simplifying Logic Circuits
Chapter 6 : State Combination Circuits Design
Chapter 7 : Logic Circuits Design Using State Diagram Method
Chapter 8 : PLC Memory and File Structure
Chapter 9 : Discrete Input Modules and Output Modules
Chapter 10 : Analog Input and Output Interface Modules
Chapter 11 : Basic Relay-type Instructions
Chapter 12 : Timer Instructions
Chapter 13 : Counter Instructions
Chapter 14 : PLC Math, Comparison and Logic Instructions
Chapter 15 : Program Control Instructions
Chapter 16 : Data Manipulation Instructions
Chapter 17 : PLC Sequencer Instructions
Chapter 18 : Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Control

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