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Product Management : Value, Quality, Cost, Price, Profit and Organization

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Title: Product Management : Value, Quality, Cost, Price, Profit and Organization
Author: Harry E. Cook
ISBN: 0412799405 / 9780412799402
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 430
Publisher: CHAPMAN & HALL
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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In today's highly competive markets, companies must favourably differentiate their products by continually developing, testing and adopting fresh ideas. This book describes how to plan new products in terms of their forecasted profitability, how competing products influence the bottom-line, how to design and anlyze experiments to determine the best subsystem and component alternatives from a strategic perspective, and how to structure teams to manage the process.
This book is essential reading for involved in the design and manufacture of new products, including engineers, product designers and researchers in the manufacturing and management.

In detail, Product Management :

• Defines and quantifies thekey elements of the customer/company needs loop
• Covers all aspects of product and quality management
• Establishes the relationships between the attributes of a product and its value
• Integrates the important product development tools of conjoint analysis, quality deployment, Taguchi methods, statistical process control, activity based accounting and sytems engineering
• Develops the concept of strategic quality deployment as a nested set of experiments for guiding product development
• Provides numerous case studies


Chapter 1 : Product Realization in the Global Marketplace
Chapter 2 : Motivation and Consumer Behavior
Chapter 3 : Enterprise Model
Chapter 4 : Definition of Quality
Chapter 5 : Forecasting the Value of Future Products
Chapter 6 : Total Quality Management
Chapter 7 : Product Planning and Quality Deployment
Chapter 8 : Parameter and Tolerance Design
Chapter 9 : Significance of Results
Chapter 10 : Costs
Chapter 11 : Statistical Quality Control

Case Study 1. NIB1 Single-Attribute Thin Film
Case Study 2. NIB2 Problem
Case Study 3. LIB Problem
Case Study 4. Significance Testing a Multi Attribute Problem
Case Study 5. Error Analysis for Direct Value (DV) Method
Case Study 6. Use of the Direct Value (DV) Method When Considering Multiple Attributes Jointly

Appendix A : Probability and Statistics
A.1 : Concept of Probability
A.2 : Frequency Functions, Expectations, and the Normal Distribution
A.3 : Central Limit Theorem
A.4 : Normal Probability Plots
A.5 : Hypothesis Testing
A.6 : The Chi-Squared Distribution
A.7 : The F Distribution (Significance Between Two Measured Sample Variances)
A.8 : Selecting Points at Random From Distributions
A.9 : Significance of Coefficients
Appendix B : Design of Experiments
B.1 : Introduction
B.2 : The Lambda Set Point Series
B.3 : Comparison to Taylor’s Series
B.4 : The Phi Set Point Series
B.5 : Baseline Considerations
B.6 : [X] Array Construction Rules
B.7 : Comparisons With Full Factorial Arrays
B.8 : Designing an Experiment
B.9 : Student’s t for Coefficients
B.10 : [X] Versus [X] for Significance Testing


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