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Product Liability Prevention: A Strategic Guide

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Title: Product Liability Prevention: A Strategic Guide
Author: Randall L. Goodden
ISBN: 0873894820 / 9780873894821
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 250
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
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This is the first book to recognize the devastating effects product liability lawsuits can have on manufacturing corporations worldwide, and the necessity for organizations to understand all the elements of product liability prevention. Taking a proactive approach to describing how to put this type of quality program in place, the author demonstrates how an organization, even with its own non-legal staff, can join the fight against potential product liability actions, and win! Once initiated, the company will have not only gained a whole new level of awareness and education, but it will also have their own product liability teams and experts in place who will help them steer clear of any potential future problems. This new dimension of quality will lead to substantial improvements in many areas of any organization, significantly protect organizations from legal action, and help improve the bottom line.

"This book should be read by anyone who manufactures and sells products. Mr. Goodden demystifies and clearly explains the legal concepts that form the basis of product liability. By giving a manufacturer's employees easy to understand guidelines on how to start a product liability prevention program, establishing such a program should go a long way toward minimizing a manufacturer's potential liability." -- Kenneth Ross, Bowman and Brooke LLP


Chapter 1 : The Current State of Law and Litigation
Chapter 2 : Understanding the Legal Process
Chapter 3 : Understanding Quality
Chapter 4 : Reliability Testing
Chapter 5 : Selecting The In-House Product Liability Expert and Creating The Corporate Product Liability Team
Chapter 6 : Effective Design Reviews
Chapter 7 : Warnings and Instructions
Chapter 8 : Records Retention and Document Control
Chapter 9 : Contractual Agreements
Chapter 10 : Warranties and Misrepresentation
Chapter 11 : Product Recalls
Chapter 12 : Investigating a Potential Liability Incident
Chapter 13 : Entering into Litigation
Chapter 14 : Going to Trial
Chapter 15 : Case Studies


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