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Procedure Writing : Principles and Practices

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Title: Procedure Writing : Principles and Practices
Author: Christopher Moore, Douglas Weringa, Valarie Barnes
ISBN: 1574770527 / 9781574770520
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 255
Publisher: Battelle Press
Year: 1998
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Procedure Writing remains the definitive reference for the procedure writer. Whether you write business procedures, procedures for ISO 9000 compliance, plant procedures, or safety procedures, this new edition will help you write them quickly, accurately, and understandbly. The book presents the principles that underlie effective procedures and explains these principles in easy-to-understand terms.

Procedure Writing is a book that all technical writers who care about their readers should have. The authors bring together the theory and the research in a collection of fields directly related to the everyday practice of writing. In this second eidtion, they have provided more varied examples, given even richer explainations, and, most importantly, added new topics such as decision tables. The authors guide everyone from the expert to would-be writers through the tangle of ad hoc rules and misconnections to create a sort of 'Elements of Style for Procedures.' In short, the instruction is clear, usable, and practical. It is a pleasure to read.

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition

Part 1 : The Basics
Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Procedures
Chapter 2 : The Reading Process
Chapter 3 : The Writing Process

Part 2 : Writing Basic Steps
Chapter 4 : Introduction : Writing Basic Steps
Chapter 5 : Step Syntax
Chapter 6 : Vocabulary
Chapter 7 : Level of Detail
Chapter 8 : Numerical Information

Part 3 : Format and Organization
Chapter 9 : Introduction : Format and Organization
Chapter 10 : Step Format
Chapter 11 : Placekeeping
Chapter 12 : Emphasis Techniques
Chapter 13 : Procedure Organization

Part 4 : Writing Complex Steps
Chapter 14 : Introduction : Writing Complex Steps
Chapter 15 : Lists
Chapter 16 : Conditional Statements
Chapter 17 : Logic Tables
Chapter 18 : Warnings, Cautions, and Notes
Chapter 19 : Cross-References
Chapter 20 : Special Types of Steps
Chapter 21 : Flowcharts

Part 5 : Conclusion
Chapter 22 : Some Closing Themes

Appendix : Example Styles

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