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Preventing Waste at the Source

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Title: Preventing Waste at the Source
Author: Norman J Crampton
ISBN: 1566703174 / 9781566703178
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 192
Publisher: Lewis
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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After a day's work is finished, take a look around at your company. Do standard production processes and day-to-day operations leave you with loaded trash bins from the front office to the factory floor-and every place inbetween?

Such "solid waste" does far more than squander resources and imperil the environment... it's undoubtedly eating up countless dollars of your profits.

Corporations throughout the nation are learning to tame solid waste, by implementing improved management of materials. Preventing Waste at the Source demonstrates how more than 50 companies have effectively reduced solid waste throughout all departments-and achieved dramatic reductions in operating costs.

Beginning with a strategic framework, readers can then zero in on wasteful practices affecting all aspects of a business. Paper reduction measures for administrative offices, for instance. Ways to minimize packing materials over in the shipping department, while still protecting the product. There's also steps where suppliers and customers can take part in waste minimization efforts. Case histories prove it can be done, to everyone's advantage.

Researched and compiled by the Indiana Institute on Recycling, Preventing Waste at the Source offers practical, on-the-job assistance to environmental managers, plant managers, manufacturing and quality engineers. Put its techniques and real-life guidance to work. You'll save more than money : you'll help save the environment.

• Practical guidance on how to strategize and implement a waste prevention program
• Examination of specific company operations, to show where and how savings can be achieved
• More than 50 detailed-and proven-case histories from hundreds of companies

About the Authors

Chapter 1 : How to Think About Waste Prevention
Chapter 2 : Organizing for Action
Chapter 3 : The Front Office—A Highly Visible and Easy Target
Chapter 4 : Taking Control of Logistical Packaging : Pallets, Corrugated Boxes, Stretch Wrap
Chapter 5 : Converting from Disposable to Returnable-Reusable Packaging
Chapter 6 : Teaming with Suppliers and Customers to Prevent Waste
Chapter 7 : Measuring and Reporting the Results of Waste Prevention
Chapter 8 : Retail Packaging : Dispelling Myths
Chapter 9 : Advancing Toward Zero Waste : Back to the Future

Appendix A : Packaging Instructions to General Motors Assembly Plant Suppliers

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