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Pressure Vessels : External Pressure Technology, 2nd Edition

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Title: Pressure Vessels : External Pressure Technology, 2nd Edition
Author: Carl T.F. Ross
ISBN: 0857092480 / 9780857092489
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 488
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
Year: 2011
Availability: 45-60 days
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The choice of structural design and material is essential in preventing the external walls of a vessel from buckling under pressure. In this revised second edition of Pressure vessels, Carl Ross reviews the problem and uses both theoretical and practical examples to show how it can be solved for different structures.

The second edition opens with an overview of the types of vessels under external pressure and materials used for construction. Axisymmetric deformation and different types of instability are discussed in the following chapters, with chapters 5 and 6 covering vibration of pressure vessel shells, both in water and out. Chapters 7 and 8 focus on novel pressure hulls, covering design, vibration and collapse, while chapters 9 and 10 concentrate on the design and non-linear analysis of submarine pressure hulls under external hydrostatic pressure. In chapter 11, the design, structure and materials of deep-diving underwater pressure vessels are discussed, focusing on their application in missile defence systems. Finally, chapter 12 analyses the vibration of a thin-walled shell under external water pressure, using ANSYS technology.

Drawing on the authors extensive experience in engineering and design both in an industrial and academic capacity, the second edition of Pressure vessels is an essential reference for stress analysts, designers, consultants and manufacturers of pressure vessels, as well as all those with an academic research interest in the area.

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Chapter 1 : An Overview of Pressure Vessels Under External Pressure
Chapter 2 : Axisymmetric Deformation of Pressure Vessels
Chapter 3 : Shell Instability of Pressure Vessels
Chapter 4 : General Instability of Pressure Vessels
Chapter 5 : Vibration of Pressure Vessel Shells
Chapter 6 : Vibration of Pressure Vessel Shells in Water
Chapter 7 : Novel Pressure Hull Designs
Chapter 8 : Vibration and Collapse of Novel Pressure Hulls
Chapter 9 : Design of Submarine Pressure Hulls to withstand Buckling under External Hydrostatic Pressure
Chapter 10 : Nonlinear Analysis of Model Submarine Pressure Hulls Using ANSYS
Chapter 11 : Star Wars Underwater : Deep-Diving Underwater Pressure Vessels for Missile Defence Systems
Chapter 12 : Vibration of a Thin-Walled Shell under External Water Pressure Using ANSYS

Appendix I : Computer Program for Axisymmetric Stresses in Circular Cylinders Stiffened by Equal-Strength Ring Frames
Appendix II : Computer Program for Axisymmetric Stresses in Circular Cylinders Stiffened by Unequal-Strength Ring Frames
Appendix III : Computer Programs for Shell Instability
Appendix IV : Computer Programs for General Instability
Appendix V : Conversion Tables of Imperial Units to SI

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