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Predictive Corrosion and Failure Control in Process Operations

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Title: Predictive Corrosion and Failure Control in Process Operations
Author: P. F. Timmins
ISBN: 0871705818 / 9780871705815
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 284
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 1996
Availability: 45-60 days
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This book provides inspectors and engineers with an approach to predictive control of corrosion in chemical processing industries. This approach is based on ranking the risk of possible losses of capital equipment due to corrosion. The maintenance, inspection and operations activities can then be organized to keep their focus on those pieces of equipment that are considered to be at highest risk of corrosion failure. Assigning such a hierarchy to the equipment, based on this Asset-Loss-Risk concept, allows maintenance and inspection costs to be reduced and overall plant profitability to be increased.

Fracture mechanics is discussed at great length in terms of cost benefit and methodology covering specific applications such as cast irons, cast and wrought steels, pressure vessels, pressure tubes, stress maps, and failure assessment diagrams.

Biographical notes

Chapter 1 : Cost of Corrosion in Process Operations
Chapter 2 : Refinery Processes
Chapter 3 : Process-Unit Corrosion and Degradation
Chapter 4 : Process Corrosion Mechanisms and Their Control
Chapter 5 : Predictive Corrosion Control
Chapter 6 : Inspection of Process Operations Equipment
Chapter 7 : Materials Selection and Welding
Chapter 8 : Management of Change
Chapter 9 : Condition Assessment and Remaining Life Determination
Chapter 10 : Failure Control and Fracture Mechanics
Chapter 11 : Cost Benefits and Fracture Mechanics
Chapter 12 : Operating Stress Maps and Fracture Mechanics
Chapter 13 : Prediction of Fracture Toughness
Chapter 14 : Prediction of Toughness from Microstructure¯Cast Iron and Rail Steel
Chapter 15 : Failure Control of Through Thickness Cracks in Pressure Vessels
Chapter 16 : Subcritical Crack Growth Mechanisms
Chapter 17 : Failure Control of Surface Cracks in Low Alloy Steel Castings and Forgings
Chapter 18 : Fracture Toughness Measurement and Interpretation
Chapter 19 : Stress Maps and Failure Assessment Diagrams
Chapter 20 : Pressure Tubes
Chapter 21 : Wet Hydrogen Cracking
Chapter 22 : Concluding Remarks

Future Work

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