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Practical Welding Technology

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Title: Practical Welding Technology
Author: Rudy Mohler
ISBN: 0831102179 / 9780831102173
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 220
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 1983
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Drawing from his 35 years experience as an instructor and technical writer in the field, the author provides instructors, students, and professionals with a wealth of welding technology in a readable and comprehensive handbook.

Describes-in detail-the technology and manipulative procedures for making successful welds in all welding positions, types of joints and metals. Offers hundreds of hints on how to solve every on-the-job welding problem.


Chapter 1 : Technology of Welding Arc Behavior
Chapter 2 : Workpiece-Warping and Weld-Cracking Controls
Chapter 3 : Welding Sheet Metal
Chapter 4 : Low-Hydrogen-Electrode Characteristics and Applications
Chapter 5 : Welding Stainless Steel
Chapter 6 : Brazing and Welding Cast Iron
Chapter 7 : Welding Aluminum and Magnesium
Chapter 8 : Welding Steel Pipe (SMAW)
Chapter 9 : Welding Stainless-Steel Pipe and Tubing
Chapter 10 : Welding Aluminum Pipe
Chapter 11 : Build-Up and Hard Surfacing
Chapter 12 : The Art of Arc and Flame Cutting Metal
Chapter 13 : Weld-Size Determination


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