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Practical Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, 3rd Edition

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Title: Practical Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering, 3rd Edition
Author: Melvyn Kay
ISBN: 149876195X / 9781498761956
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 355
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2017
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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Water is now at the centre of world attention as never before and more professionals from all walks of life are engaging in careers linked to water – in public water supply and waste treatment, agriculture, irrigation, energy, environment, amenity management, and sustainable development. This book offers an appropriate depth of understanding of basic hydraulics and water resources engineering for those who work with civil engineers and others in the complex world of water resources development, management, and water security. It is simple, practical, and avoids (most of) the maths in traditional textbooks. Lots of excellent ‘stories’ help readers to quickly grasp important water principles and practices.

This third edition is broader in scope and includes new chapters on water resources engineering and water security. Civil engineers may also find it a useful introduction to complement the more rigorous hydraulics textbooks.

  • Focuses on engineering but minimizes the maths and physics
  • A good, straightforward textbook, heavily based on very extensive and varied practical experience
  • Well presented with diagrams and illustrations
  • New edition broadens into water resources engineering, water resources planning and water security
  • Written for non-engineers and practice-oriented engineers and students


Chapter 1 : Some Basic Mechanics
Chapter 2 : Water Standing Still - Hydrostatics
Chapter 3 : When Water Starts to Flow - Hydrodynamics
Chapter 4 : Pipes
Chapter 5 : Channels
Chapter 6 : Hydraulic Structures for Channels
Chapter 7 : Pumps
Chapter 8 : Water Resources Engineering
Chapter 9 : Water Resources Planning and Management
Chapter 10 : Bathtub Hydraulics


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