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Practical Energy Efficiency Optimization

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Title: Practical Energy Efficiency Optimization
Author: Dr. G.G. Rajan
ISBN: 1593700512 / 9781593700515
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 401
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2006
Availability: In Stock
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Keeping a power plant running at optimal efficiency makes a significant contribution to a company’s bottom line. That means power plant and energy managers at industrial facilities face the difficult tasks of consistently generating power at minimal cost. And with energy costs consuming up to 65% of heavy industry budgets, maintaining efficiency has never been more critical.

Practical Energy Efficiency Optimization presents basic information for optimizing power plants. Whether at a major utility, or at an industrial facility, these formulas are proven to increase power plant efficiency. Review exercises and practical case studies provide real-world applications on maintaining optimal efficiency.

• Learn the basics of optimization for an energy system, a sub system and equipment through usable case studies.
• Increase productivity, profitability and performance through a wide range of industries – electric utilities, petroleum processing and petrochemical.
• Improve equipment design, optimize operations, tighten loss control and extend operating cycle.


Chapter 1 : Industrial Energy Management
Chapter 2 : Optimization Basics
Chapter 3 : Overall Energy Efficiency Optimization Models
Chapter 4 : General Optimization Models
Chapter 5 : Energy Mix and Process Mix Options : Impact on Optimization
Chapter 6 : Equipment Maintenance and Replacement Decisions

Appendix A : Exercises
Appendix B : Basics of Energy Efficiency Optimization
Appendix C : Compressor–Theory and Practice
Appendix D : Improving Energy Efficiency in Power Plant Operation
Appendix E : Techniques of Energy Efficiency Optimization
Appendix F : Techniques of Energy Efficiency Optimization
Appendix G : Basic Turbine Operation

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