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Practical Auditing Techniques for ISO/TS 16949

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Title: Practical Auditing Techniques for ISO/TS 16949
Author: Raymond J. Ness
ISBN: 0595273122 / 9780595273126
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 108
Publisher: iUniverse
Year: 2003
Availability: In Stock
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A pragmatic approach to the field of auditing for automotive industry auditors. This book is also helpful to educate internal auditors and anyone who is involved with automotive production worldwide. The contents are to the international specification from Geneva, Switzerland IOS. The book is aimed for those personnel in the technical field. It is a step-by-step format with anecdotal references to actual occurrences from real experience in the auditing field.

Chapter 1 : Prologue
Chapter 2 : Review and Audit of the Documents
Chapter 3 : Planning the On-Site Audit
Chapter 4 : Management
Chapter 5 : Sales Function
Chapter 6 : Engineering—Product Design
Chapter 7 : Engineering—Process Design
Chapter 8 : Purchasing/Materials
Chapter 9 : Shipping, Receiving, Scheduling, and Inventory
Chapter 10 : Production/Manufacturing/Process Control
Chapter 11 : Maintenance, Tooling, and Facilities Management
Chapter 12 : Laboratories
Chapter 13 : Human Resources/Training
Chapter 14 : Information Technology/M IS/Data Systems
Chapter 15 : Quality
Chapter 16 : Customer Specifics
Chapter 17 : Epilogue

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