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Power Branding

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Title: Power Branding
Author: Ann Chambers
ISBN: 0878147454 / 9780878147458
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 241
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1998
Availability: Out of Stock
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Today's consumers have freedom of choice when it comes to their electricity supplier. As a result, branding of electric power is more important than ever. Industry expert Ann Chambers gives you an in-depth look at marketing and branding of electricity and covers the many ways your company can build consumer loyalty and overall market recognition. She further shows how you can draw from the experiences of industry leaders to give you a head start in your branding efforts.


Part 1 : Branding Basics
Chapter 1 : Basics of Branding
Chapter 2 : Brand Image
Chapter 3 : Value-Added Services

Part 2 : The Pioneers
Chapter 4 : Southern Company
Chapter 5 : Duke Energy
Chapter 6 : UtiliCorp/EnergyOne/Aquila : Big and Broad
Chapter 7 : Engage Energy
Chapter 8 : Florida Power & Light Co.
Chapter 9 : Enron

Part 3 : The Market
Chapter 10 : Convergence
Chapter 11 : Lessons for the Natural Gas Industry
Chapter 12 : Lessons from Other Industries
Chapter 13 : Conclusion

Part 4 : Resources
Appendix A : Glossary of Branding, Marketing, and Btu Convergence
Appendix B : Major Federal Legislation Affecting the Electric Power Industry


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