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Pollution and its Containment

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Title: Pollution and its Containment
Author: ICE
ISBN: 0727715968 / 9780727715968
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 168
Publisher: Thomas Telford
Year: 1990
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This report surveys the impact of pollution on the environment, and draws attention to the short and long term implications. It attempts to give recognition to the novel element in the present situation, which is that in the conflict between development and environmental protection the point of compromise has shifted in favour of the latter. The objective is to identify the new balance between these tensions, and point the way to resolving the difficulties that arise. It seeks to establish, where practical, an optimal level of pollution consistent with sustainable development, in which damage is contained and the resilience of the environment is restored and maintained.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Summary and Recommendations
Chapter 3 : Energy
Chapter 4 : Transport
Chapter 5 : Water and Public Health
Chapter 6 : Waste Disposal
Chapter 7 : Coastal Problems
Chapter 8 : Planning, Urban Design and Housing
Chapter 9 : The Way Ahead

Annex A : Local Association Submissions
Annex B : Membership

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