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Poka-Yoke : Book on Mistake Proofing

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Title: Poka-Yoke : Book on Mistake Proofing
Author: JIPM

Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 170
Publisher: CII
Availability: Out of Stock
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Poka is a Japanese word meaning "inadvertent errors" and Yoke comes from Japanese word Yokerie meaning "to avoid". This has also been termed as "Mistake/Fool Proofing" or "Fall Safing". The idea behind poka-yoke is to free a person's mind from maintaining repetitive vigil which may be practically infeasible. By doing so a person without the fear of making mistake can constructively do more value added activities.


150 Poka-Yoke Examples

Chapter 1 : Processing Error Including Safety Cases (Contact Type)
Chapter 2 : Processing Error Including Safety Cases (Fixed Value Type)
Chapter 3 : Assembly Error (Contact Type)
Chapter 4 : Assembly Error (Fixed Value Type)
Chapter 5 : Inspection Error (Contact Type)
Chapter 6 : Inspection Error (Fixed Value Type)
Chapter 7 : Processing Omissions (Contact Type)
Chapter 8 : Processing Omissions (Fixed Value Type)
Chapter 9 : Assembly Omissions (Contact Type)
Chapter 10 : Assembly Omissions (Fixed Value Type)
Chapter 11 : Packing/Pasting/Labeling Errors
Chapter 12 : Dimensional Error/Misorientation/Misalignment

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