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Pipeline Geohazards : Planning, Design, Construction and Operations

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Title: Pipeline Geohazards : Planning, Design, Construction and Operations
Author: , Rodney Read
ISBN: 0791861791 / 9780791861790
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 800
Publisher: ASME
Year: 2019
Availability: 15-30 days
  • Description

This second edition of the 2008 ASME publication on the same topic is an expanded and updated treatment of a broader range of pipeline geohazard management aspects to serve the global community of pipeliners both those of a geotechnical background as well as their colleagues in the multi-disciplinary teams that deal practically with these issues. The book strikes a balance between overviews of certain topics and somewhat more detailed treatment of other topics. Recognized experts were invited to contribute entire chapters, short Invited Technical Briefs or longer Invited Perspectives in their areas of specialization.

This book's comprehensive treatment of pipeline geohazards includes:

  • Terrain analysis for corridor selection using data generation, integration and visualization techniques
  • Geotechnical engineering and pipeline construction interface considerations
  • Trenched and elevated river crossings
  • Trenchless techniques for pipeline construction
  • Practical overview for addressing several critical pipeline geohazard mechanisms, namely: buoyancy control; erosion and sediment control; pipelines in permafrost and the assessment and mitigation of seismic geohazards
  • State-of-practice overview of quantitative geohazard assessment, monitoring and mitigation of various mechanisms
  • Bibliography of related publications from prominent pipeline conferences

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