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Piezoelectric Sensorics : Force Strain Pressure Acceleration and Acoustic Emission sensors M

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Title: Piezoelectric Sensorics : Force Strain Pressure Acceleration and Acoustic Emission sensors M
Author: Gautschi, Gustav H.
ISBN: 3540422595 / 9783540422594
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 278
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 2002
Availability: Out of Stock
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This book covers the entire field of piezoelectric sensors for mechanical measurands. Scientists, engineers, technicians and students in engineering will find in this book for the first time, a complete overview of these special type of sensors. Extensive practical advice is given throughout the text, allowing the reader to profit from the author's many years experience. The book offers an overview of the most important piezoelectric materials and their properties as well as a consistent terminology for describing sensors. It contains a description of sensors for force, strain, pressure, acceleration and acoustic emission and an in-depth description of the special electronics used with piezolectric sensors. Information on calibrating sensors and electronics are given in addition to numerous examples of practical applications.

Symbols, Quantities and Units

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Background of Piezoelectric Sensors
Chapter 3 : Piezoelectric Materials for Sensors
Chapter 4 : Piezoelectric Sensor Terminology
Chapter 5 : Piezoelectric Sensors
Chapter 6 : Force and Torque Sensors
Chapter 7 : Strain Sensors
Chapter 8 : Pressure Sensors
Chapter 9 : Acceleration Sensors
Chapter 10 : Acoustic Emission Sensors
Chapter 11 : Amplifiers for Piezoelectric Sensors

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