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Made In America : The Total Business Concept

Author: Michael W. Gozzo, Peter L. Grieco
ISBN: 094545600X / 9780945456001
Year: 1987
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What is Just-In-Time/Total Quality Control (JIT/TQC)? It is an often talked about, but infrequently applied approach to manufacturing excellence which seeks to minimize waste, obsolescence and compl...
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People Empowerment: Achieving Success through Involvement

Author: Wayne L. Douchkoff
ISBN: 0945456077 / 9780945456070
Year: 1992
Availability: Out of Stock
The world's most potent and powerful resource-the human mind-is center stage once again. But, that resource cannot be tapped without empowering people through their involvement in autonomous teams ...
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The World of Negotiations : Never Being a Loser

Author: Jr. Paul G. Hine, Peter L. Grieco
ISBN: 0945456069 / 9780945456063
Year: 1991
Availability: In Stock
From Chapter One: "I know there are a lot of books out there on the subject of negotiation Before you finish reading, you will have heard about several more books. All of the books mentioned in thes...
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