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Optimisation of Industrial Processes at Supervisory Level : Application to Control of Thermal Power

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Title: Optimisation of Industrial Processes at Supervisory Level : Application to Control of Thermal Power
Author: Aldo, Andrzej W., Cipriano, Doris A., Ordys, Saez
ISBN: 1852333863 / 9781852333867
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 203
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 2002
Availability: 45-60 days
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In the increasingly competitive modern world, the industrial sector faces new challenges such as improving productivity and reducing costs while taking into account the process operational constraints.As energy demand increases in many countries, especially in big cities where the environmental concerns are very important and resources to produce energy are limited, the efficiency of operation of power plants becomes of paramount importance.Under this scenario, this book presents new methodologies to improve power plants' efficiency, by using automatic control algorithms. This will lead to an improvement in the generation of companies' profit and also in the quality of their final product.

Series Editor’s Foreword

Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Non-linear Dynamic Modelling for Control Design
Chapter 3 : Non-linear Predictive Control
Chapter 4 : Supervisory Optimal Control for a Pre-Specified Regulatory Level
Chapter 5 : Application to the Control of Thermal Power Plants
Chapter 6 : Discussion and Conclusions

Appendix A : Sensitivity Analysis Program
Appendix B : Prediction of Controlled Variables and Manipulated Variables
Appendix C : Special Cases of Polynomial Cancellations
Appendix D : Srpervisory Controller Programs
Appendix E : Main Variables of a Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant
Appendix F : Simulator Programs in MATLAB-SIMULINK

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