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Operations Management : A Modern Approach

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Title: Operations Management : A Modern Approach
Author: Rae Simons
ISBN: 192669290X / 9781926692906
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 332
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Year: 2011
Availability: 15-30 days
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This book looks at a selection of important business management techniques from a variety of countries and types of businesses. It discusses interorganizational information systems development, organizational performance management, activity-based cost systems, financial decision-making processes, teleworking (or telecommuting), customer-focused process improvement, the communicative nature of innovation processes and the impact of this on innovation management, a model of ebusiness systems that allows for emergent factors, and much more.


Chapter 1 : Managing Innovation as Communicative Processes : A Case of Subsea Technology R&D
Chapter 2 : Deferred Action : Theoretical Model of Process Architecture Design for Emergent Business Processes
Chapter 3 : The Survey of the Political Costs and Firm Size : Case from Iran
Chapter 4 : An Evaluation of Inter-Organisational Information Systems Development on Business Partnership Relations
Chapter 5 : Rational Exuberance and Revival of the US Automotive Sector
Chapter 6 : A Neuroanatomical Approach to Exploring Organizational Performance
Chapter 7 : Neural Networks and Their Application to Finance
Chapter 8 : Implementing the Activity Base Costing System : A Case Study on Dakota Office Supply
Chapter 9 : Profitability of the Greek Football Clubs : Implications for Financial Decisions Making
Chapter 10 : Teleworking in United Arab Emirates (UAE) : An Empirical Study of Influencing Factors, Facilitators, and Inhibitors
Chapter 11 : The Role that Personality and Motivation Play in Consumer Behaviour : A Case Study on HSBC
Chapter 12 : Mobile Technology and the Value Chain : Participants, Activities, and Value Creation
Chapter 13 : Cost Effectiveness of Community-Based Therapeutic Care for Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition in Zambia : Decision Tree Model
Chapter 14 : Integrating Chronic Care and Business Strategies in the Safety Net : A Practice Coaching Manual
Chapter 15 : Customer Complaints as a Source of Customer-Focused Process Improvement : A Constructive Case Study


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