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Oligomer Technology and Applications

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Title: Oligomer Technology and Applications
Author: Constantin V. Uglea
ISBN: 082479978X / 9780824799786
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 520
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 1998
Availability: In Stock
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Rendering complex material accessible to the novice and expert alike, this unique resource details laboratory and industrial synthesis and applications of oligomers-suggesting practical solutions to on-the-job problems as well as exploring processing devices and techniques for industrial-scale production of new oligomer types.

Discussing state-of-the-art and future developments in the field, Oligomer Technology and Applications cover direct oligomerization and separation of oligomers from industrial polymers……formulations of high-quality solid coatings using acryclic oligomer…..hydrocarbon resins and their global yield and consumption…uses of oligoethers in biomimetics and as macromolecular drugs and carriers of biological active agents…methods for producing alkyd resins and how they prevent corrosion in lacquers, printing dyes, adhesives, and insulation…the curing and modification of epoxy resins to prevent deformation in materials…..properties of polysulfide sealants, such as resistance to physical and chemical agents and stability over wide temperature ranges….and more.

Supplemented with more 1450 references, tables, equations, and drawings, this practical guide is essential for plastics, polymer, chemical, industrial, electronics, and automotive engineers; polymer, industrial, and materials scientists.


Chapter 1 : Oligoethylenes and Oligopropylenes
Chapter 2 : Acrylic Oligomers
Chapter 3 : Hydrocarbon Resins
Chapter 4 : Oligoethers
Chapter 5 : Oligoesters
Chapter 6 : Alkyd Resins
Chapter 7 : Epoxy Resins
Chapter 8 : Sulfur-Containing Oligomers
Chapter 9 : Formaldehyde-Based Oligomers
Chapter 10 : Oligomer Science : Between Tradition and Innovation


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