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Offshore Multiphase Production Operations, 2 Volume Set (SPE Reprint Series No. 58)

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Title: Offshore Multiphase Production Operations, 2 Volume Set (SPE Reprint Series No. 58)
Author: Mack Shippen, Stuart Scott
ISBN: 1555631037 / 9781555631031
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 440
Publisher: Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Year: 2004
Availability: 15-30 days
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Producing offshore resources poses some of the greatest technical challenges currently facing the oil and gas industry. Common practice onshore can be significantly complicated when working offshore. Major concepts and important developments in the field of offshore multiphase production operations are collected in this two-volume set of papers. Volume I covers multiphase flow theory and flow assurance; knowledge of multiphase flow theory is essential to understanding flow-assurance concepts. Volume II explains the role of production systems, separation methods, produced-water handling, artificial lift, multiphase pumping, and multiphase metering. Both volumes include an annotated bibliography for additional reference.


Part 1 : Multiphase Flow Theory
Chapter 1 : Flow Management : Steady-State and Transient Multiphase Pipeline Simulation
Chapter 2 : A Mechanistic Model for Predicting Flow Regime Transitions in Horizontal and Near-Horizontal Gas-Liquid Flow
Chapter 3 : Mechanistic Modeling of Two-Phase flow in Deviated Wells
Chapter 4 : Unified Model for Gas-Liquid Pipe Flow via Slug Dynamics-Part 1 : Model Development
Chapter 5 : The Dynamic Two-Fluid Model OLGA : Theory and Application
Chapter 6 : TACITE : A Transient Tool for Multiphase Pipeline and Well Simulation
Chapter 7 : Advanced in Slug Flow Characterization for Horizontal and Slightly Inclined Pipelines
Chapter 8 : Slug Flow : Occurrence, Consequences, and Prediction
Chapter 9 : Severe Slug Flow in Offshore Flowline/Riser Systems
Chapter 10 : Severe Slugging Attenuation for Deepwater Multiphase Pipeline and Riser Systems

Part II : Flow Assurance
Chapter 11 : Emergence of Flow Assurance as A Technical Discipline Specific to Deepwater : Technical Challenges and Integration into Subsea Systems Engineering
Chapter 12 : The Physical Chemistry of Wax, Hydrates, and Asphaltene
Chapter 13 : Cloud Points : Can We Measure or Model Them?
Chapter 14 : Measurement and Prediction of the Kinetics of Paraffin Deposition
Chapter 15 : Investigation of Paraffin Deposition During Multiphase Flow in Pipelines and Wellbores – Part 2 : Modeling
Chapter 16 : Hydrate Control and Remediation Best Practices in Deepwater Oil Developments
Chapter 17 : Successful Applications of Anti-Agglomerant Hydrate Inhibitors
Chapter 18 : Active Heating for Flow Assurance Control in Deepwater Flowlines
Chapter 19 : Life Cycle Management of Scale Control Within Subsea Fields and its Impact on Flow Assurance, Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea Basin
Chapter 20 : Corrosion Control in the Oil and Gas Industry Using Nodal Analysis and Two-Phase Flow Modeling Techniques

Annotated Bibliography

Part I : Production Systems
Chapter 21 :Trioka Subsea Production System An Overview
Chapter 22 : Design of Britannia’s Subsea Heated Bundle for a 25 Years Service Life
Chapter 23 : VASPS Installation and Operation at Campos Basin

Part II : Separation Methods
Chapter 24 : A New Approach to Gas-Liquid Separation
Chapter 25 : Designing Tomorrow’s Compact Separation Train
Chapter 26 : Hydrodynamics of Two-Phase Flow in Gas-Liquid Cylindrical Cyclone Separators
Chapter 27 : Design and Installation of a Sand-Separation and Handling System for a Gulf of Mexico Oil Production Facility
Chapter 28 : Experience in Operating World’s First Subsea Separation and Water Injection Station at Troll Oil Field in the North Sea

Part III : Produced-Water Handling
Chapter 29 : Handling, Treatment, and Disposal of Produced Water in the Offshore oil Industry

Part IV : Artificial Lift
Chapter 30 : Artificial Lift Design for the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Chapter 31 :A Novel Approach to Gas Lift Design for 40,000 BPD Subsea Producers
Chapter 32 : Multiphase Pumping as an Alternative to Conventional Separation Pumping and Compression
Chapter 33 : Oil Production Using Pumped Multiphase Systems
Chapter 34 : Modeling Reservior/Tubing/Pump Interaction Identifies Best Candidates for Multiphase Pumping
Chapter 35 : Deployment of Multiphase Pumps on a North Sea Field
Chapter 36 : Multiphase Pump Field Trials Demonstrate Practical Applications for the Technology

Part VI : Multiphase Metering
Chapter 37 : Multiphase Flow Metering : Current Trends and Future Developments
Chapter 38 : Wet Gas Metering : Trends in Applications and technical Developments
Chapter 39 : Multiphase Flowmeter Application for Well and Fiscal Allocation
Chapter 40 : A New Look at Measurement Uncertainty of Multiphase Flow Meters
Chapter 41 : Downhole-Fiber Optic Multiphase Flowmeter : Field Installation
Chapter 42 : Canyon Express Subsea Multiphase Flow Metering System : Principles and Experience

Annotated Bibliography

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