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Accounting and Finance for the Lending Banker

Author: V. Hilary Hough
ISBN: 1872853404 / 9781872853406
Year: 1994
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Adventures in Total Quality Management : Overcoming the Obstacles to Change

Author: Patrick A. Hough
ISBN: 1860760473 / 9781860760471
Year: 1997
Availability: Out of Stock
This work describes the trials and tribulations of the narrator in his attempt to implement Total Quality Management in the fictionalized company LoQualScan. Amid staff bickering, turf battles and...
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Auditing Standards : A Quick Reference

Author: Niall MacLochlainn Aidan Dunlea
ISBN: 1872853951 / 9781872853956
Year: 1995
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The Construction Safety Handbook

Author: Tara Curley
ISBN: 1904887007 / 9781904887003
Year: 2006
Availability: Out of Stock
The Construction Safety Handbook is a unique source of guidance and reference for all health & safety professionals in the construction industry and/or those responsible for safety - for example, ...
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