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Nuclear Waste Disposal Crisis

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Title: Nuclear Waste Disposal Crisis
Author: David A. Lochbaum
ISBN: 0878144633 / 9780878144631
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 192
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1996
Availability: Out of Stock
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This valuable book chronicles the evolving spent fuel storage methods that enabled nuclear power plants to remain operating despite repeated delays in opening the geological repository. It describes potential spent fuel risks, with numerous examples of near-misses. And it explains one nuclear power plant's design deficiencies for spent fuel pool cooling as well as design faults that may exist in several other operating nuclear power plants.
Nuclear Waste Disposal Crisis offers a factual accounting of a problem which, if left unaddressed, can have disastrous consequences. It qualifies as required reading for professionals everywhere, regardless of political or industry allegiances.

Chapter 1: The Nuclear Industry
Chapter 2: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Chapter 3: Nuclear Power Plant Designs
Chapter 4: Spent Nuclear Fuel at Nuclear Power Plants
Chapter 5: Spent Fuel Reprocessing
Chapter 6: Spent Fuel Disposal
Chapter 7: Spent Fuel Interim Storage
Chapter 8: Spent Fuel Risks
Chapter 9: The Susquehanna Concerns
Chapter 10: Solving the Nuclear Waste Disposal Crisis
Appendix A:Spent Fuel Incidents
Appendix B: Acronynms and Abbreviations

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