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Not Just for CEOs

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Title: Not Just for CEOs
Author: John H. Zenger
ISBN: 0786305282 / 9780786305285
Format: Hard Cover
Publisher: IRWIN
Year: 1996
Availability: Out of Stock
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In today's turbulent workplace, savvy employees must ready themselves for impending changes. All employees in any organization or company-from the top brass to factory workers to engineers-face a complex set of problems brought on by past inefficiencies and management practices. And what every worker must realize is that while they are not the problem, they are an inherent part of the solution.
Becoming an indispensable employee takes more than hard work, it requires foresight, vision, and preserverance. It means arming yourself with knowledge, being your own boss, and gearing up for inevitable change. Packed with practical guidelines, ideas and advice, Not Just for CEOs will show you how to stand out!
In an easy-to-read, straightforward style, author Jack Zenger offers an unparalleled guide to succeeding in business today. Uncovering the key behaviors of top performers, he describes precisely what makes them effective and outlines how you can follow in their path and shine. Zenger explains how everyone can provide leadership in their own arena of work.

Based on the latest research on productivity, his revelations include:
How to streamline your job.
How to work effectively in today's boundaryless organizations.
How to manage yourself and your future.

Part I How to Streamline Your Job
1. Be a Calculating Person
2. Look at Your Job Sideways
3. Be a Copy Cat
4. Design Your Own Cheat Sheets
5. Speed Thrills
6. Don't Just Do It. Do It Better!
7. Trim Your Waste
Part II How to Work Effectively in Today's Boundaryless Organization
8. Decode Your Mission and Vision Statements
9. Think Like Your Own Customer
10. Creat Brief Encounters of the Productive Kind
11. Think of Every Meeting as Your Own
12. Overcommunicate
13. Don't Play the Blame Game
14. Look Out for Number 2...and 3 and 4 and 5
Part III How to Manage Yourself and Your Future
15. Be Your Own Boss
16. Banish Gloom
17. Monitor the Money
18. Learn, Learn, Earn
19. Multiply Yourself
20. Get Ready for Your Next Job
21. Break from the Past

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