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Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Supply Chain Management

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Title: Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Supply Chain Management
Author: A. Ravi Ravindran
ISBN: 1498708587 / 9781498708586
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 394
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
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Supply chain management decisions are made under the conflicting criteria of maximizing profit and customer responsiveness while minimizing supply chain risk. Multiple Criteria Decision Making in Supply Chain Management provides a comprehensive overview of multi-criteria optimization models and methods that can be used in supply chain decision making.

Presenting the contributions of internationally known authors, researchers, educators, and practitioners, this new book in the Operations Research Series provides readers with a single source guide to recent developments in this area. Starting with an introduction to supply chain management (SCM) and to multiple criteria decision making (MCDM), this book:

  • Covers transportation issues and supply chain inventory decisions in detail
  • Presents multiple criteria mathematical programming models for optimizing decisions regarding the number and location of supply chain facilities and determining optimal distribution strategies
  • Discusses the supplier selection models under multiple conflicting criteria
  • Incorporates supply chain risk as an objective function for designing resilient global supply chains

The focus of the book is on the design and operation of the supply chain system, which involves connecting many production and distribution systems, often across wide geographic distances, in such a way that the businesses involved can ultimately satisfy the consumer demand as efficiently as possible, resulting in maximum financial returns to those businesses connected to that supply chain system. The book includes several case studies on the design and operation of supply chain networks in manufacturing and healthcare.

  • Provides a single volume authoritative reference guide that is easy to read—bridging theory and practice
  • Serves as a comprehensive, yet concise, and up-to-date resource that covers recent developments in using MCDM models and methods for SCM problems
  • Discusses supplier selection, network design, distribution policies, risk management, closed loop supply chains and global SCM
  • Includes coverage of recent developments and applications
  • Presents material with non-experts in mind


Chapter 1 : Managing Supply Chains : An Introduction
Chapter 2 : Multiple Criteria Decision Making : An Overview
Chapter 3 : Designing Resilient Global Supply Chain Networks
Chapter 4 : A Two-Phased Approach to Multi-Objective Supply Chain Design and Operation
Chapter 5 : Multi-Criteria Distribution Planning Model for a Consumer Goods Company
Chapter 6 : Multi-Criteria Network Design in Health and Humanitarian Logistics
Chapter 7 : Incorporating Disruption Risk in a Supply Chain Network Design Model
Chapter 8 : A Bi-Criteria Model for Closed-Loop Supply Chain Network Design Incorporating Customer Behavior
Chapter 9 : Multi-Objective Multi-Period Supplier Selection Problem with Product Bundling
Chapter 10 : An Analytical Supply Chain Disruption Framework and a Multi-Objective Supplier Selection Model with Risk Mitigation
Chapter 11 : Multi-Criteria Decision Making Models in Planning Prevention Services
Chapter 12 : Investigation of Order-Up-To-Policy and Allocation-Rationing Mechanism for Divergent Supply Chains with Multiple Objectives


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