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Modeling in Welding, Hot Powder Forming, and Casting

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Title: Modeling in Welding, Hot Powder Forming, and Casting
Author: Lennart Karlsson
ISBN: 0871706164 / 9780871706164
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 200
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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This reference work provides thorough coverage of the theoretical foundations of thermomechanical modeling of welding, hot powder forming, and casting processes, which also can be applied to modeling of the heat treatment and forging of solids. Information on finite element modeling methods will assist design engineers in taking manufacturing processes into consideration to minimize residual stresses and deformation in the design of mechanical components.


The Theoretical Foundation
Chapter 1 : Computational Mechanics of Thermal Deformation in Manufacturing Processes

The Welding Process
Chapter 2 : Thermal Analysis of Welds
Chapter 3 : Mechanical Modeling and Residual Stresses
Chapter 4 : Metallurgical and Mechanical Consequences of Phase Transformations in Numerical Simulations of Welding Processes
Chapter 5 : Predicting and Measuring Methods of Two- and Three-Dimensional Welding Residual Stresses by Using Inherent Strain as A Parameter

The Powder Process
Chapter 6 : A Concurrent Engineering System with Application to Hot Isostatic Pressing
Chapter 7 : Hot Powder Forging

The Casting Process
Chapter 8 : Modeling of Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow and Thermodynamics in Castings
Chapter 9 : Deformation and Stress in Castings
Chapter 10 : Thermomechanical Modeling in Casting with Experimental Validation


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