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Metallurgy Books

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The Chemistry of Gold Extraction, 2nd Edition

Author: C. Iain House, John O. Marsden
ISBN: 0873352408 / 9780873352406
Year: 2006
Availability: In Stock
The Chemistry of Gold Extraction bridges the gap between research and industry by emphasizing the practical applications of chemical principles and techniques. Covering what everyone in the gold ext...
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ASM Handbook Volume 2A : Aluminum Science and Technology

Author: , J. Weritz, K. Anderson
ISBN: 1627081585 / 9781627081580
Year: 2018
Availability: In Stock
ASM Handbook, Volume 2A is intended for users of aluminum alloys seeking information on the processes, capabilities, and variables in producing and fabricating aluminum products. Beginning with the ...
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Aluminum Castings Engineering Guide

Author: Jagan Nath
ISBN: 1627082050 / 9781627082051
Year: 2019
Availability: In Stock
This practical guide to product and process engineering of various aluminum castings emphasizes process and material characteristics; product-process-alloy integration; manufacturing aspects of alum...
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Selected Values of the Crystallographic Properties of the Elements

Author: John W. Arblaster
ISBN: 1627081542 / 9781627081542
Year: 2018
Availability: In Stock
This reference book presents a unique and comprehensive review of the crystallographic properties of all the elements and will be a valuable resource for metallurgists and crystallographers. The cry...
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Biomass and Carbon Fuels in Metallurgy

Author: Jaroslav Legemza, Maria Frohlichova, Robert Findorak
ISBN: 0367222426 / 9780367222420
Year: 2020
Availability: 45-60 days
Biomass and Carbon Fuels in Metallurgy presents contemporary and new insights into the use of carbonaceous (Biomass) fuels in the metallurgical sector. The authors describe application of these fuel...
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Binder and Polymer Assisted Powder Processing

Author: , Animesh Bose
ISBN: 1627082751 / 9781627082754
Year: 2020
Availability: 45-60 days
The field of powder-binder shaping is growing to reach levels of great commercial significance. Shaping technologies based on powder-binder formulations apply to a broad array of engineering compone...
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Rolls for the Metalworking Industries, (With CD-ROM)

Author: G.E. Lee
ISBN: 1886362610 / 9781886362611
Year: 2002
Availability: In Stock
One price for the book and CD-ROM together! This comprehensive work is the definitive book on roll technology. Sections include: principles of roll metallurgy; roll manufacturing processes; principl...
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Bar Steels : Steel Products Manual

Author: AIST
ISBN: 1935117122 / 9781935117124
Year: 2010
Availability: In Stock
The newly revised Bar Steels: Steel Products Manual provides concise information pertaining to the manufacturing processes, product characteristics and uses of bar steel. Updated under the supervisi...
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Tribomaterials : Properties and Selection for Friction, Wear, and Erosion Applications

Author: Kenneth G. Budinski, Steven T. Budinski
ISBN: 1627083219 / 9781627083218
Year: 2021
Availability: In Stock
This book is intended to help readers reduce the unwanted costs and ramifications of friction, wear, and erosion in tribosytems by recommending engineering materials that have proven to be successfu...
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