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Metallography of Steels : Interpretation of Structure and the Effects of Processing

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Title: Metallography of Steels : Interpretation of Structure and the Effects of Processing
Author: Hubertus Colpaert
ISBN: 1627081488 / 9781627081481
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 700
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 2018
Availability: In Stock
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This book is a combination of a metallographic atlas for steels and cast irons and an introductory textbook covering the fundamentals of phase transformations and heat treatment of these materials. Every important stage of processing, from casting to cold working is clearly discussed and copiously illustrated with metallographs that show the obtained structures, both desired and those achieved when deviations occur.

First published in 1951 by Professor Hubertus Colpaert from the Institute for Technological Research (IPT) of São Paulo, Brazil, this book became one of the most important Brazilian references for professionals interested in the processing, treatment, and application of steels and cast irons. In the Fourth Edition and English translation, updated and translated by Professor André Luiz V. da Costa e Silva, the concept of the of the original edition was preserved while the important developments of recent decades, both in metallographic characterization and in steel and iron products, as well as progress in the understanding of the transformations that made the extraordinary developments of these alloys possible, were added.

Most metallographs are of actual industrial materials and a large number originate from industry leaders or laboratories at the forefront of steel and iron development. As steel continues to be the most widely used metallic material in the world, Metallography of Steels continues to be an essential reference for students, metallographers, and engineers interested in understanding processing-properties-structure relationships of the material. The balance between theoretical and applied information makes this book a valuable companion for even experienced steel practitioners.

Preface to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
About the Editor

Chapter 1 : Steel as a Material
Chapter 2 : Processes in Steel Production
Chapter 3 : Introduction to the Metallographic Technique
Chapter 4 : Metallographic Technique-Macrography
Chapter 5 : Metallographic Technique-Micrography
Chapter 6 : Metallographic Technique-Electron Microscopy and other Advanced Techniques
Chapter 7 : Equilibrium Phases and Constituents in the Fe-C System
Chapter 8 : Solidification, Segregation and Nonmetallic Inclusions
Chapter 9 : Conventional Heat Treatments-Usual Constituents and Their Formation
Chapter 10 : Conventional Heat Treatment-Basic Concepts
Chapter 11 : Hot Working
Chapter 12 : Mechanical Work of Steels-Cold Working
Chapter 13 : Advanced Steels for Forming Operations
Chapter 14 : Structural Steels and Steels for Pressure Vessels, Piping and Boilers
Chapter 15 : Engineered Special Bar Quality Steel (Engineered Steels)
Chapter 16 : Stainless Steels
Chapter 17 : Cast Irons
Chapter 18 : Metallographic Evaluation-Guidelines for Performing and Reporting


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