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Mechanics in Material Space with Applications in Defect and Fracture Mechanics

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Title: Mechanics in Material Space with Applications in Defect and Fracture Mechanics
Author: George, Herrmann, Kienzler, Reinhold
ISBN: 3540669655 / 9783540669654
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 307
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 2000
Availability: Out of Stock
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The aim of the book is to present, in a novel and unified fashion, the elements of Mechanics in Material Space or Configurational Mechanics, with applications to fracture and defect mechanics. This mechanics, in contrast to Newtonian mechanics in physical space, is concerned with defects such as cracks and dislocations, which are embedded in the material and might move in it. The level is kept accessible to any engineer, scientist or graduate student possessing some knowledge of calculus and partial differential equations, and working in the various areas where rational use of materials is essential.


Chapter 1 : Mathematical Preliminaries
Chapter 2 : Linear Theory of Elasticity
Chapter 3 : Properties of Eshelby Tensors
Chapter 4 : Linear Elasticity with Defects
Chapter 5 : Inhomogeneous Elastostatics
Chapter 6 : Elastodynamics
Chapter 7 : Dissipative Systems
Chapter 8 : Coupled Fields
Chapter 9 : Bars, Shafts and Beams
Chapter 10 : Plates and shells

Appendix A : Conservation Laws for Inhomogeneous Bars Under Arbitrary Axial Loasing
Appendix B :
B.1 : Elastodynamics of Inhomogenous Bernoulli-Euler Beams
B.2 : Reduction to Statics
Appendix C :
C.1 : Elastodynamics of Inhomogenous Mindlin Plates
C.2 : Reduction to Statics
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