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Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), 4th Edition

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Title: Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), 4th Edition
Author: AIAG
ISBN: 1605342114 / 9781605342115
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 240
Publisher: AIAG
Year: 2010
Availability: In Stock
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The purpose of this document is to present guidelines for assessing the quality of a measurement system. This document is not intended to be a compendium of analyses for all measurement systems. Its primary focus is measurement systems where the readings can be replicated on each part. Customer approval is required for measurement systems analysis methods not covered in this manual.

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Chapter 1 : General Measurement System Guidelines
Chapter 2 : General Concepts for Assessing Measurement Systems
Chapter 3 : Recommended Practices for Replicable Measurement Systems
Chapter 4 : Other Measurement Concepts and Practices

Appendix A : Analysis of Variance Concepts
Appendix B : Impact of GRR on the Capability Index cp
Appendix C : Values Associated with Distribution of the Average Range
Appendix D : Gage R Study
Appendix E : Alternate PV Calculation Using Error Correction Term
Appendix F : P.I.S.M.O.E.A. Error Model
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