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Manufacturing Plant Layout : Fundamentals and Fine Points of Optimum Facility Design

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Title: Manufacturing Plant Layout : Fundamentals and Fine Points of Optimum Facility Design
Author: Edward Phillips
ISBN: 0872634841 / 9780872634848
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 250
Publisher: SME
Year: 1997
Availability: In Stock
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A step-by-step guide to planning new factories and plant rearrangements, this book describes proven analytical methods for: calculating space requirements, activity-pair relationships, materials handling analysis, and generating alternative layouts. This proven strategy masterfully weaves together the very best elements of layout methods for manufacturing cells, JIT, demand flow, and constraint-based flow manufacturing philosophies, in addition to traditional job shop and assembly-line operations. In "Manufacturing Plant Layout," author Edward Phillips describes how to methodically reduce or totally rid a design of profit eroders during the planning/design of a cost-efficient manufacturing layout.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : An Overview of the Major Planning Phases
Chapter 3 : Where to Begin
Chapter 4 : Basic Data Needs
Chapter 5 : Materials Handling Analysis
Chapter 6 : Calculating Space Requirements
Chapter 7 : Relationship/Affinity Analysis
Chapter 8 : Establishing Relationship Diagrams for Existing Plants
Chapter 9 : Developing the Spatial Relationship Diagram
Chapter 10 : Developing Alternative Layout Configurations
Chapter 11 : Manufacturing Cells
Chapter 12 : Multifloor, Multisite Space Allocations
Chapter 13 : Computer-based Tools
Chapter 14 : Evaluating Alternatives
Chapter 15 : Closing Notes on Relationships and Materials Handling Equipment Choices


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