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Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation : A Case Study

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Title: Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation : A Case Study
Author: Allen W. Hatheway, Thomas B. Speight
ISBN: 1498796834 / 9781498796835
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 1052
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2018
Availability: 45-60 days
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The assessment, remediation, and redevelopment of manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites pose a significant technical and financial challenge to successor property owners, including municipalities and other public entities undertaking brownfields revitalization, and to their consulting environmental engineers. Due to the toxicity of many coal tar constituents, sites contaminated as a result of gasworks operations pose a significant threat to public health. This book will discuss the history of the manufactured gas industry in Massachusetts (the largest in the US), as well as the toxicity of gasworks waste products, technical challenges in the cleanup process, and the process for site cleanups.

  • Presents an overview and history of MGP remediation in Massachusetts, the largest regional manufactured gas
  • industy in the United States— the related environmental implications and techniques would be applicable worldwide.
  • Examines the related environmental toxins and hazards, and their environmental effects.
  • Explains all the phases related to gasworks cleanup, from site assessment, to remediation, to redevelopment.
  • Discusses the toxicity of gasworks waste products, technical challenges in the cleanup process, and the processes for site cleanups under former and existing environmental laws and regulations.
  • Serves as a useful reference for environmental consultants, property developers, urban planners, investors,etc., who need to remediate contaminated sites.


Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Manufactured Gas in Boston
Chapter 3 : Character & Regulation of Manufactured Gas Companies of Massachusetts
Chapter 4 : Considerations
Chapter 5 : Considerations for Conduct of Gasworks & Coal-Tar Remediation in Massachusetts

Conclusions and Summary

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