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Manual for Intelligent Energy Services

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Title: Manual for Intelligent Energy Services
Author: Shirley J. Hansen
ISBN: 0824709292 / 9780824709297
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 299
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2002
Availability: 15-30 days
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This book is dedicated to the front line manager of America's economic life blood: energy. It is designed to help owners and managers first assess their organization's energy conditions, and then determine the best outsourcing strategies for needed services. The author shares experiences drawn from over 25 years in the energy business and work in over 30 countries, and provides succinct case studies to expand on important points raised and to provide insight into their application. The final section takes into account recent events which have highlighted the unpredictable situation surrounding our energy supplies, as well as how to make the most of it.


Section 1 : Strategic Planning for Reducing Costs
Chapter 1 : The People Factor
Chapter 2 : Is Anybody Listening?
Chapter 3 : Building an Effective Plan

Section 2 : Seeking Outside Resources
Chapter 4 : The Investment Grade Audit
Chapter 5 : Information Rules
Chapter 6 : The Critical Role of M&V

Section 3 : Linking Up with An ESCO
Chapter 7 : Financing Options
Chapter 8 : Managing Risks
Chapter 9 : Getting the “Right” ESCO
Chapter 10 : What ESCOs are Looking For
Chapter 11 : Contracts and Negotiations

Section 4 : Buying Power
Chapter 12 : Sorting It Out
Chapter 13 : What Energy Users Need to Know about Renewables
Chapter 14 : Making the Most of Dereg

Appendix A : Costing Out Energy Work
Appendix B : M&V Options
Appendix C : ESCO Evaluation

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