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Managing Energy Risk: A Nontechnical Guide to Markets and Trading

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Title: Managing Energy Risk: A Nontechnical Guide to Markets and Trading
Author: John Wengler
ISBN: 0878147942 / 9780878147946
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 393
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2001
Availability: In Stock
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Energy markets are more perilous than ever before. Deregulation has forced a whole new world of trading and risk management jargon onto the power and energy marketer. How does the manager master this complex process, with its myriad experts, personalities, and systems? John Wengler identifies these issues, discusses and analyzes them, and in checklist fashion prioritizes for managers what they must do to succeed despite risks as diverse as price, trader, and credit. Written in plain English, the text is directed at upper management at all electric utilities, natural gas firms, oil companies, and industrial end-users served by the energy complex.

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Editor’s Note

Chapter 1 : Introduction : The “Tap Ten Checklist” of Things to Do
Chapter 2 : The Bull, The Bear, and The Spark Spread
Chapter 3 : The Risk Management Policies and Procedures
Chapter 4 : Starting with Your Risk-Return Strategy
Chapter 5 : The Risk Roster : Personalities and Specialties
Chapter 6 : Energy Risk Boot Camp : “Must Know” Concepts for Managers and Directors
Chapter 7 : The Deal Process : From the Desk to Delivery
Chapter 8 : The Portfolio Process : Starting with What Have We Got? And What Do We Want?
Chapter 9 : Measuring Risk : How Might Our Portfolio Change?
Chapter 10 : Hedging : Navigating Toward Our Portfolio Objectives
Chapter 11 : Critical Path IT Issues
Chapter 12 : Looking Forward : The Next Ten Management Issues

Appendix : Items to Consider for Trading and Derivatives Policies, Guidelines, Controls, and Internal Procedures

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