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Management by Policy

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Title: Management by Policy
Author: Brendan Collins, Ernest Huge
ISBN: 0873892410 / 9780873892414
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 205
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1993
Availability: Out of Stock
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Management by Policy tells you how to focus your company's precious, limited resources to provide the competitive advantage to your organization through quality practices. MBP works in a way that fosters team cooperation and cross-functional support. If you only had to read one book, Management by Policy is the one you need to attain a win-win way of operating your business through quality management practices. It is the definitive work on management by policy.

• Identifying and understanding the prerequisites of MBP
• Defining and providing examples for the major component of MBP
• A systematic application of policy implementation
• How to benefit from all stages of MBP implementation, from beginning to world-class
• Learning how to implement the significant cultural changes that MBP requires for success significant for even experienced total quality practitioners.


Chapter 1 : Total Quality—The Context of Management by Policy
Chapter 2 : Implementing Total Quality
Chapter 3 : Elements of Management by Policy
Chapter 4 : Implementing Policy
Chapter 5 : Implementing a Management-by-Policy System
Chapter 6 : Tapping into the Spirit of Management by Policy

Appendix A : Seven Basic Process Improvement Tools
Appendix B : Seven New Management Planning Tools
Glossary of Terms

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