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M.E. Sharpe

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Construction Safety and Loss Control Program Manual

Author: Andrew Civitello
ISBN: 0765601818 / 9780765601810
Year: 1998
Availability: In Stock
Construction safety and loss prevention can be a make or break business issue. For contractors and sub-contractors who must deal with these concerns every day, this manual will be invaluable. Far mo...
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E-Service : New Directions in Theory & Practice

Author: P.K. Khannan, Roland T. Rust
ISBN: 0765608073 / 9780765608079
Year: 2002
Availability: Out of Stock
The advent of the era of "e-Service," the provision of services over electronic networks like the internet, is one of the dominant business themes of the new millennium. It reflects the fundamental sh...
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Energy for the 21st Century : A Comprehensive Guide to Conventional and Alternative Sources

Author: Roy L. Nersesian
ISBN: 0765613239 / 9780765613233
Year: 2007
Availability: In Stock
As concerns over rising energy prices and potential shortages continue to grow, this comprehensive handbook provides a detailed analysis of the past, present, and future of all the principal energy ...
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Living with Hazards, Dealing with Disasters : An Introduction to Emergency Management

Author: William L. Waugh
ISBN: 0765601958 / 9780765601957
Year: 2000
Availability: In Stock
This is the first concise introduction to emergency management, the emerging profession that deals with disasters from floods and earthquakes to terrorist attacks...
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Operations and Maintenance Manual for Energy Management

Author: James E. Piper
ISBN: 0765600501 / 9780765600509
Year: 1999
Availability: Out of Stock
For anyone responsible for operations and maintenance in plants and facilities of any size, this Manual is a practical guide to reducing maintenance costs and improving energy efficiency. Filled wit...
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