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Liquid Filtration, 2nd Edition

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Title: Liquid Filtration, 2nd Edition
Author: Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
ISBN: 0750670479 / 9780750670470
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 320
Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann
Year: 1998
Availability: In Stock
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This book is a state-of-the-art review of liquid filtration in the chemical process and allied industries. Interpretations of the phenomenological observations of the hydrodynamics of filtration are given in the hopes of establishing more theoretical and generalized bases of design methodology. Specific design and selection criteria are reviewed, and typical industrial problems and their solutions are presented.

Nicholas Cheremisinoff is known internationally as one of the foremost engineers with Exxon and as the author of numerous books, articles and periodical contributions. Most recently his international consulting role has seen him active the Ukraine, part of the former Soviet Union, where the modernising of these industrial processes has been key.

Liquid Filtration is a fundamental unit operation extensively practiced throughout the chemical process, petroleum, and allied industries. It involves the separation, removal, and collection of a discrete phase of matter existing in a dispersed or colloidal state in suspension. This separation is most often performed in the presence of a complex media structure in which physical, physiochemical and/or electrokinetic forces interact.

About the Author

Chapter 1 : An Introduction to Liquid Filtration
Chapter 2 : Filter Media and Use of Filter Aids
Chapter 3 : Cake Filtration and Filter Media Filtration
Chapter 4 : Industrial Filtration Equipment
Chapter 5 : Application of Filtration to Wastewater Treatment
Chapter 6 : Advanced Membrane Technology for Wastewater Treatment
Chapter 7 : Sludge Dewatering Operations
Chapter 8 : Industrial Wastewater Sources
Chapter 9 : Filtration Equipment and Process Flow Sheets


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